Clients, Buyers or Principal Contractors Employ Safety Competent Contractors in Their Supply Chain

Clients, Buyers or Principal Contractors Need Health & Safety Competent Contractors and Suppliers to meet their legal obligations.
Domestic clients, home owners and land lords also want to know contractors they will engage with will work safely as they do not want to risk unnecessary costs and losses.
As a home owner or domestic client, you too may have questions for contractors, builders and decorators you engage with in order to determine if they have safe working practices.

How Clear Vision Safety can help with your health and safety policy, risk assessments and method statements.

As a competent health and safety resource to small contractors so they evidence as well as close gaps in their health and safety risk management, I bring in-depth knowledge of H&S prequalification industry & its associated standards.

I have business and Commercial awareness having held employment in some internal sales roles most recently (2016 to 2017) for Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) which is a nationally recognised health and safety assessment scheme and registered member of the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP). SSIP schemes play a vital role in the selection processes of contractors into the supply chain of clients and main contractors.

I have also held roles across a range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, aerospace and rail.
These work experiences have given me a diverse background and exposure to Six-Sigma (greenbelt level) and Lean Manufacturing Principles therefore enhancing my understanding of quality management, continuous improvement processes and project management.

MICRO CONTRACTORS (Less than 10 workers)

Having engaged with a variety of contractors and businesses, the types of businesses I have observed can do with my help have been:

- One person businesses or partnerships who are technically experts in their field but do not have the right level of competencies in health and safety.
- Small businesses who do not have the spare time or resources (funds or personnel) to handle the extra demand of health and safety administration.
- Small business which have not aligned their operations with the new demands in legislation, technology or their main contractors / clients to evidence their health and safety practice.
- Small businesses who due to impairment such as dyslexia or other learning difficulties are not able to keep up to speed with health and safety paperwork demands.
Language skills can also be a barrier which I can help avoid.

As a contractor, if you require assistance in those simple areas so H&S can be less of a challenge, I can assist with:

- Round-the-clock health and safety guidance, information and sign-posting.
- Answering those seemingly complex health and safety questions.
- Free gap analysis of your current health and safety risk management system.
- Identification of your health and safety related training needs.
- Help to highlight your areas of skills and knowledge and experiences and relating these to your health and safety competency.


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